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The Purfect Place for Music

Mewsic Academy is a music school and home studio located in Brockton, MA. We are developing a music organization to focus on a rigorous, multicultural, and culturally responsive curriculum to foster musical training and artistry for aspiring musicians of all ages

The educational content involved in the institution covers many fields such as western music, folk music, piano, composition, music theory, music software, etc.


Music production content covers, recording, mixing, and mastering all-around one-stop service. In the future, with the mission of building an excellent brand and leading industry standards, this organization will build a music education platform that gathers industry elites, promotes industry exchanges, improves industry services, and promotes industrial development.

We are ever expanding our studio and offer a variety of options for scheduling including a new hybrid model that utilizes a combination of remote and in-person lessons to provide a economic and convenient way to learn a new instrument or subject. This option is also convenient for students preparing for competitions and festivals.

Online Music Lesson
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