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Nate Karahalis

Masters of Music

Trombone/Trumpet Instrutor

I'm a brass performer and teacher in the Boston Area. I currently teach remotely in the Boston Public Schools and have taught in public education for 6 years with students ranging the entire ability and age range of my K12 professional license.
I have a substantial library of arrangements on my YouTube Channel Portfolio crossing multiple genres from classical to KPOP. I like to push the boundaries of what is technically possible with my instruments and sometimes augment acoustic instruments with technology. Most of these videos I have played all of the production roles on: arranger, performer, recording/mastering engineer, video producer.

I am interested always in collaborations and more projects and have experience on the Adobe CC suite as well as Logic X, Pro Tools, and FL Studio. I use these programs almost daily on Windows and Mac platforms.

I have performed on a few albums, most recently with NT el que faltaba VPR on his single Te perdi where I can be heard playing trombone and trumpet together, "Watch Out" by Dave Croce on his album Circle of Friends. He and his for hire brass section are also feature on the new release by the Boston-Based band: The Saturniids. 

Outside of the studio I have performed at a variety of venues in Boston: Symphony Hall, TD Garden, Lily Pad, Ryles, Scullers Jazz Club, Harvard Sanders Theatre, the Palladium in Worcester and more with classical/jazz/rock fusion ensembles.

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