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Bilin Zheng

Masters of Music



Bilin Zheng is a Boston-based Chinese composer who earned a master’s degree and Professional Study Certificate from Boston Conservatory at Berklee. As a teacher, she has 10 years of teaching private lessons experience to students of all ages and levels.

As a teacher, she customizes the lessons to her students based on their needs, goals, personalities, and interests. She shares her passion for music with her students and creates a relaxing and happy atmosphere for helping students to learn and appreciate music. In addition, her music lessons include basic music theory, background knowledge, and music appreciation, which will help students improve their Instruments or composition full-scale.

As a composer, she’s the winner of Collage Composers Colloquium in 2019 and the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble Competition in 2018. Her compositions range in size from full orchestras to solo works, Eastern and Western instruments to vocal music, which have been performed internationally. She studied with the head of the composition department Dr. Jonathan Holland, Dr. Curtis Hughes, and Dr. Eun Young Lee.

Her music and performance can be found on her Youtube channel:

  • Language: English/Cantonese /Mandarin

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